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what would be crazy man

what if you added bosses


is there going to be a new update soon

I wouldn't say soon...

probably within 2 months if I were to be honest, but that's just how long I think it'll take.

how do you dodge i see the ai do it all the time

to block, i think you have to hold a specific direction while bein hit

how about a button that enables/disables infinite health for player 1 or all characters for testing combos without having to reset so often? 

Good idea


i like that idea


Mario Asserts his Dominance by T-Posing.


are you planning on making transformations?
Like cape, fireflower, etc.
or super sonic/shadic or whatever


oh damn, nice!
goodluck on the updates!


Oh wait guys i forgot to tell you that you can make combos

doesn't everyone know by now

I agree


The Game is good but we need custom control settings that way we all can make our own key setting also    THE GAME IS GOOD DONT GET ME WRONG 10/10 LETS TRY AGAIN!

How's Progress?

game go crazy

I agree

anyone know any command inputs for mario and luigi

There are none. Yet.

there is the fire inputs for mario and luigi and the heat seeking orb for luigi and in the comment somone pulled of a amazing move

L-M for both fires and L-H for Luis eletric.

luis go crazy



Did they win as goomba? Why they so happy I love it. Can I borrow him for snuggles?



Great game, will there be any online in the future?

Sadly, no. Not my area of expertise, especially on scratch.


This game is actually amazing. I play it in my free time at home and at school and I gotta tell you, it's an extraordinary experience. 10/10 game so far in my opinion. 👍

im with you brother

very pro game, +100,000,000,000 social credit B) 

(be quiet, I know its a dead meme, right?)


very cool

I agree


me too

This is a good game and hopes to see more. I really see the potential in this game and wonder if there will be more such as a new menu and new characters but all in all this game is just amazing.

I can't believe this series' legacy isn't dead yet

Status on gaming? When's goomba super? Any new peeks on gameplay ideas? Can you finally combo off of horizontal knockbacks?

How do you preform the spin kick that Luigi does in the air, as player 2?


period, then n

I'm going to do super motions in the game and nobody can stop me

do you have any plans to add things like ai or an arcade mode

(1 edit)

yea, but very late in the games development

referring to arcade mode

ai is already real, just mash on your keyboard to find the key

just press the numbers corresponding to the player number so 1 for p1 2 for p2 3 for p3 and 4 for p4

God damn it you spoiled it

Question 1: Are you adding Mecha Sonic I really wanna beat sonic ass.

Question 2:Are you adding other characters like Shadow, Yoshi or Basilix?

Mecha sonic is in progress, but the others aren't in the game yet

what about the ogs tails and knuckles

So how's the game going? What's the status of everyone?

Kind of just adding random stuff that comes to my mind. The bros have 2 supers each now, and sonic has one (one was supposed to be a tornado, but I never got that done).

Neato. Can't wait for 0.4.0.

And please give Goomba supers

what are the inputs for those supers


this game.

This game was made



legit made an itch account just to write this


Holy Crap You play ssf2?

of course of course


Yeah, Scratch be carrying games sometimes


We support Ssf2 enjoyers in this house

very good game man it is S tier

and also if this is smbz are the koopa bros, bowser and the axem rangers considered? 

make mario and luigi into rivals of aether characters i would get it

No, he doesn't know how. Do it yourself, man

Yeah then You'll See how Hard it is.

Is Mecha Sonic Out yet?


Man I Cant even Wait.

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Wow this game is amazingly well made. It’s kinda funny and weird having dbfz movement then smash movement. I like to suggest that making Mario, and Luigi having a super jump whenever they crouch and has like that flickering like in super Mario bros 2 or 3. And also It would be nice they had like items and powerups when they check their pockets like hammer, shell, fire flower, tanooki, cape, and other Mario game they have.

Ps. Would it be ok if you make like an update that has options like music, light screen, and control movement.

You...don't know how much time and effort the transformations would take, right?

wow you wrote a whole ass paragraph!

Blue Mario Gave Red Mario The Bird

What Direction is 236L?

Move down, then forward, then press your light attack (listed in controls).

doesn't do anything special yet, tho

Can I use a controller on this game?


Is the embedded version supposed to work?  It won't let me choose a fighter.


click on the game, then use a-d or arrow keys

 Me puedes decir cual es el boton para activar eso


Goomba: *Goomba Sounds* Dont You

actually goomba tod is the easiest, but it's pretty hard to get to this point
in corner


[video-to-gif output image]

the sonic tod is the easyest to learn r-e-qx2-fx9,10-and put anything else you want inbetween


I look at you seeing as I hold M with Mario during my air combo to just slowly end your entire carrer


Who angered the JM gods this time?



best fighting game ever 20/1

(1 edit)

Goomba bread and butter
A bit less than 35%, but good enough for a goomba player

Move Idea

Fire Upper

L-M-H or L-H

Mario does a jumping uppercut. If the first hitbox hits, Mario explodes the fireball as he spins during the recovery of the uppercut, giving him a juggle. Used for anti-airing during projectile gaming.

Personal proof that Mario is better than Sonic
(Mario has a consistent way to get in a combo and then just Touch Of Death, while Sonic's combo just drops if you try to go for a launcher, making him worse.)

Mario Combo
[video-to-gif output image]

Sonic Combo
[video-to-gif output image]

Does homing attack as sonic not help?

No, it's just that Sonic can't get to C.H with a light starter and has to go for a fowards knockback

Also, can you please make wallbounces consistent and give characters the ability to hit people off of the wall when wall sticked? 

Nevermind that, S.LL into C.H works

But still, on mediums he can't do shit, while the bros have a fucking confirm through C.M-C.H thanks to the sliding nature of the C.M

Hell, even goomba can get this combo

(1 edit)

Sonic: Any Last Words             Mario: No                                

(1 edit)

Luigi: Don't you?

Goomba: *Goomba Sounds* Don't You?

And also, this isn't cannon so c r i n g e

no its not

Sonic clapped Mario

What? Mario's clearly more top tier than Sonic, but okay

I guess you do have a point


(so is that input M+H or...)

as of now, 236L

Finally, special motions

I'm gonna start doing 236L in the actual game version and then blame you for a outdated version, have fun

Please give Goomba supers I want my mushroom boy to get buffs


would love to see a "close hit" version where Mario does a rugal and grabs the enemy and runs with them to about 1/4 of the stage then actually throws the enemy and the projectile

i assume thats in our next update?

Would say shit sherlock right now

it's just a question

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