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still waiting for a update :

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new mechanic:

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(new) Juggle State and Reel

Once hitting certain moves, the enemy will go into certain animations mid air.

If the enemy is swaying as if they're having a bit of trouble trying to get back on their feet, that's a soft juggle. They can tech when the hitstun ends on a move, but the hitstun is increased due to this state. Also when landing, they automatically just slide down a bit.

If the enemy is spinning violently, that's a hard juggle. They cannot tech, and will be knocked down if landing on the floor.

Soft Juggles can turn into Hard Juggles, but not vice versa.

Some moves that I think deserve these states

Soft Juggle:
Everyone's autocombo (especially yellows, just a glorified launcher, Red, Blue, Orange, and Green's autocombos will make it hard if soft juggle)
Green 236P
Green 2K
Red Sweep
Red DP (will become hard if already soft juggled)
Red J.K
Blue 236K
Blue J.P
Yellow All hits of 2K
Yellow Point Blank 236K (will have a recoil bonk though)
Orange 5K
Orange 236P
(theoretical time)
Universal Anti Air (3P, becomes hard if already soft juggle)
Navy Purple 2nd Autocombo
Navy Purple 236P

Hard Juggle:
All supers that launch


Basically a way to transfer air non-knockdown hitstun to grounded. If the enemy is still in hitstun while touching the ground, they will struggle to balance on one leg. This is kinda a restand, but instead hitting them out of it just launches them again in soft juggle (if you hit them with a move that's strong enough to put them out of the state, don't worry it's just like 20% to get them out and multi hits will drain amount consecutively).

I need to hear the main menu because it's such a god damn banger


which one

the current one

no, there are 3 versions

which one

Explain? I don't see a toggle for all 3 of them

the music changes depending on which part of the menu you're in (Ex, Main Menu, Settings and Character Select).

I beat Orange's Challenge with Red. Suprised that he had a functional 63214K in that version.

How do you parry?

stop walking before you get hit

Oh, i'm a 6 as soon you get hit person

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Custom Character
"Element": Time
Gimmick: Moves have hitstun that don't set hitstun. but INCREASE hitstun onto the next move. This is only applied when certain moves have been used at least once mid combo.
Standing Anim: Hand 2 behind body, Hand one in front, leaning so it seems like they could dash at any moment
Walk Anim: Same deal as standing, but now running and the body is now higher up while Hand 1 seems like it's trying to catch somebody
BWalk Anim: Running away, while keeping enemy in sight
Walkspeed: 14 X per second
Jump: You ever saw the Long Jump anim in Mario 64? That, but not so exaggerated so it works for normal jump and back as well
Crouch: Standing but leaning even more
Standing Punch 
Overhead backhand, will pull enemies down but not so hard so Autocombo 2 has a chance of hitting
Autocombo 2
Uppercut! Also sends Purple upwards, does not end combo
Autocombo 3: 
Stylish spin into dunk that slows down. Allows for more okizeme time.
Crouching Punch
A big step punch while crouching, keeps enemies grounded
Standing Kick
Turn around and dash kick, does a SamSho reaction block if the move is blocked, also has a unique autocombo
K Autocombo 2
Upwards kick, no matter what goes into 236P on whiff, block and hit
Crouching Kick
Slide, multi hit

Raiser Clock
A hitgrab. Purple dashes, and does a upwards aimed palm. If hit, the clock effect spins, and the passive effect occurs. Short range, but consistent.

Speare Clock
Another hitgrab. Purple creates one of the arrows from a clock to stab the enemy with. However, the tip of the blade only goes into the launcher that gives the passive effect. All others simply set up a knockdown. Long range, but inconsistent.

Time Of Survival
This time, Purple creates a slow moving clock arrow to use as a normal projectile. K can be held to charge it and give it more hits. It also fills up a special gauge: 10 uncharged arrows will fill it, and 3 charged will fill it. If a charged hits the enemy, a timer appears on them. It does nothing when it runs out, unless they are in hitstun, in which case cracks the timer and launches the enemy away, dealing good damage.

Purple's actual grab. Using a overhead crush to grab them, if it hits then Purple chucks them behind them and then hits them with an arrow homerun minigame. Baseball time; if it's a perfect hit it gives a midscreen combo, if not then just a wallbounce combo, and at worst a baby hit that keeps them standing at decently far away. 


Speare Dragger
Another hitgrab, Purple uses a arrow clock to dash forwards with a "spear". On hit, it drags the enemy to the corner. Also Purple can bumb into the wall and gives immense endlag after.

Speare Fall
Purple casts up what seems to be a group of 6 arrow spears. They fall soon after, aiming at the enemy's previous position. Last hit will knock down.

Embodiment of the Future
Purple spins around with a clock effect in hand, which does have a hitbox. Then he dashes and punches the opponent to literally stop time for 5 seconds straight. After that, Purple poses, and the enemy gets wallbounced. Purple cannot do anything after until the enemy hits the floor.

Install Super:

Tick Tok Clock
After posing, every move does the 236K effect, but instead of launching, it instead buffs up Purple. Level 1: Speed up! Level 2: Animation Speed Up! Speed up! Level 3: Projectile hits up! Projectile speed up!
Level 4: Speed up! Projectile (in general) up! Animation Speed Up!
Level 5: Level 4 times 2
The clock gets longer the more levels Purple has.


Red 214P:

Red uses a backhand uppercut to hit 3 times. The last hit, on hit, has Red do another backhand upper to launch.

What does Walkspeed 14 X mean?

purple travels 14 X per second in scratch terms (tested it, realised it was not good makes purp slow)

Still have no idea what that means so I'll take the easy way out; The average walkspeed is 2 in Colorlens terms, what would purples speed be now? Plus there's running now (Average is ~4.5).

I'd say 2.9, but Purple gets a dash instead that carries moumentum

You think you can make this character? I hope this isn't too much.

Still have it in the back of my head. They might be added, might not, depends on how lazy I am. But, a different Purple is an already planned character (He uses a lot of GUN), so I might have to change the color to navy or a darker purple.

Bufflist and Nerflist

If Bold, then massive
If Itallic, minor

Buff:  Red, Blue, Green
Red just can't do real combo damage compared to the others. Blue should get one small thing and Green should have a small buff for compensation of the nerf I will give them.

Nerf: Yellow, Green
Yellow is the best character in the game. He can use TWO NON METER USING MOVES (being WDF, and SAF) to instantly get out of combos and has a lot of speedy tools that make him insane to play against, and Green just needs his projectile infinite gone.

Orange is a lot better, he can infinite combo u with no bar

Yellow is good because he has loops that can tod, red can reset the life out of u and blue is just cracked with pokes, anyone else just uses infinites to win

If you're talking about grab loops, fair enough

I’m talking about normal infinites, everyone has them.

wait, really? i thought red couldn't midscreen

everyone can

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Noted. Next Patch (on this page at least) is a big one, so just you wait. Teching is a thing now, so most infinites got erased

In the next patch,

Next Patch

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Oh, okay. 

I find it funny that Yellow has a sidewinder though, wished Red got a air command move

I added that in a more recent build (Light during an airdash)


I found an infinite combo

Tbh, there are too many of those. This version is really outdated tho (December 2021) since I haven't finished all of the things I need to to update this version of the game

makes sens


this is funny cuz my bro was thinking bout making a elemental Platform Fighter

how convenient

when do you think the next update of Crazy Game is gonna happen

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Updated? Probably by Late-December. I have other projects to work on too, so it may or may not be in the back of the queue. By the way, who would you currently be interested in out of the characters in the character select menu?


Honestly its Knife

good, he's the closet locked character to being finished